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You are about to access the Internet through a wireless Internet hotspot operated by the Chelsea Improvement Company.

You may use the service only if you agree to the Terms of Use each time you access this hotspot. If you agree with and accept the terms listed, please click the “I Accept” button.

CIC Wireless Network
Terms Of Use

Chelsea Improvement Company is pleased to provide WiFi to you in accordance with the following Terms of Use ("Terms"). These terms and policies may be changed from time to time, therefore it is suggested that you read the terms of use each time you log on to the CIC Wireless Network. By clicking the acceptance/continue button, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these Terms, which are legally binding.

CIC Wireless Network is intended for use by persons 18 years or older or with permission and supervision of a parent or guardian. The CIC Wireless Network may only be used for lawful purposes, and the Chelsea Improvement Company takes no responsibility and does not accept liability for any of its network user's activities that violate the law (including copyright law).


The CIC Wireless Network is an open, public-access network. Like most public WiFi systems, the network is not secured, and communications over the network may be subject to interception by unauthorized third parties. Although Chelsea Improvement Company uses reasonable efforts to provide you with a reliable service, your use of CIC Wireless Network is AS IS and AS AVAILABLE and we cannot and do not make any general or specific warranties regarding the security, availability, performance or other functionality of the CIC Wireless Network.

You are responsible for implementing your own security protections while using the CIC Wireless Network. In the event you become aware of any unauthorized use of the CIC Wireless Network or any other breach, you agree to immediately notify us. Chelsea Improvement Company expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for your use of the CIC Wireless Network and for any lack of security that may result from your use of the CIC Wireless Network. You agree to hold Chelsea Improvement Company harmless for the loss of any file, data or other information while using the Service, and for any unauthorized access to or utilization by any third party of any of your personal, financial, or other sensitive information.

Open Resource/Parental Concerns

The CIC Wireless Network is open to anyone, and individual activity on the network is not limited or monitored. This means that network users may access internet sites that may be harmful, graphic or offensive. The network does not filter or block any sites. Network administrators maintain the Wi-Fi network so that residents and visitors may find all that is offered online in the way of business and research. Adults are expected to regulate their own internet usage and Chelsea Improvement Company is not responsible for policing the internet or for an internet user's activity online. Chelsea Improvement Company upholds and affirms the right of adults to have access to constitutionally-protected materials and means of expression.

Prohibited Activities

Wi-Fi network users may not use the CIC Wireless Network for the commission of harmful or illegal activities, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Hacking into any system;
  • Introducing any virus, worm, spyware, Trojan horse or other program or code into any computer, computer system, software or disks;
  • Any activities intended to aid any crime, including identity theft or credit card theft, and including the exploitation of minors, or child pornography;
  • Violating any applicable laws including, but not limited to federal copyright laws by making unauthorized copies of copyrighted or licensed software, data, entertainment files, text or publications;
  • Downloading, uploading, accessing, streaming, posting, emailing, transmitting or otherwise making available any materials that infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party;
  • Participating in or committing telecommunications fraud.
  • Any activities which will damage, disable, vandalize or otherwise harm computer equipment or software.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Chelsea Improvement Company against any and all claims, costs or liabilities arising from or related to your violation of these terms of use.

Performance of the CIC Wireless Network

In order to use the CIC Wireless Network, you must have a WiFi- capable device that (a) meets U.S. and other applicable technical standards; (b) is compatible with the CIC Wireless Network; (c) runs the IP protocol; and (d) is configured to obtain web addresses automatically. The WiFi device must be in close enough proximity to CIC Wireless Network wireless access points to achieve connectivity with the CIC Wireless Network.

It is understood that the CIC Wireless Network is subject to external interferences, environmental influences, and other factors and variables beyond our reasonable control. Performance and availability may vary, including but not limited to or affected by, (a) transmission and download speed and accuracy; (b) network congestion; (c) performance, configuration, and functionality of your WiFi devices and wireless cards (including, but not limited to memory, storage and other limitations; (d) physical obstructions and distances between your WiFi device and the CIC Wireless Network; (e) availability of electric power; (f) collocation failures; (g) transmission and equipment limitations, failures, maintenance or repair; and (h) user error. The CIC Wireless Network may also be interrupted, refused, limited or curtailed for these reasons. Chelsea Improvement Company is not responsible for data lost or misdirected due to these and other foreseeable and unforeseeable factors. Actual network speed and other performance will vary.

In order to maintain acceptable levels of service for all CIC Wireless Network customers and to improve this service, we reserve the right to make such adjustments to the use of such services as necessary to maximize the benefit and enjoyment for all CIC Wireless Network users. Service may be suspended or terminated for any reason. There is no right created to use this WiFi service. No WiFi provider can offer absolute privacy while on the internet and transactions may be monitored for your protection against illegal or fraudulent acts.

Changes to the CIC Wireless Network and these Terms of Use

You agree that Chelsea Improvement Company may for any reason, and without notice to you, modify or terminate the CIC Wireless Network and these Terms of Use without liability to you, any user or any third party. We urge you to review these Terms of Use periodically so that you will be aware of any modifications.

Effective September 25, 2012